1. Is Tock Reservations just for special events or normal dining as well at Josephine House?

    Currently Jeffrey's & Josephine House uses Tock for only special events such as Wine Walk-Arounds, Guest Chef's or our Annual Labor Day Party. All other reservations can be done through Open Table or over the phone (just the phone for Josephine House reservations). **Please note when booking events at Josephine House there will sometimes be an option for 'inside' or 'outside' dining, as we are a smaller restaurant there typically will not be much flexibility with moving from one to another so please choose carefully. If the weather is not co-operating than we will speak with all 'outside' tickets individually.

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Josephine House

Austin, TX

The sister restaurant to Austin fine dining institution Jeffrey’s, offering breakfast, lunch, brunch, happy hour, dinner & Monday night steak frites. The Clarksville cottage features a small marble bar for coffee or cocktails, intimate tables in the dining room, shady nooks on our patio and a grassy front lawn for lounging. Serving an eclectic daily menu featuring the best locally sourced products.

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